PRESS RELEASE - October 10, 2006

LITE-ON's "Super AllWrite" 16X DVD External ReWriter SHM-165P6SX
-- Scores 84 Very Good Rank #2 out of Top 5 DVD Drives in PC WORLD--


Lite-On IT, a global leader in optical storage solutions received high product ranking for its SHM-165P6SX “Super AllWrite” 16X external DVD rewriter.  In the recent review of PC World.com, one of the most well respected publications in the industry, gave Lite-On
SHM-165P6SX Top 2 ranking and 84 “Very Good” rating.

The SHM-165P6SX is capable of reading and writing to every disc media currently available today, including DVD-RAM and Double-Layer +/- format discs. It offers a one-stop archival and presentation solution for anyone who has a need to copy and store information, files, photographs, music or any other important data.  The ability to read, write and rewrite to any disc format on the market offers users the ability to purchase disc media based on price, capacity, or brand with the added comfort of knowing that whatever the decision, the media will work flawlessly with the “Super AllWrite” SHM-165H6SX.

The on-board USB 2.0 connection provides simplicity and flexible hook-up.  In addition, the mounting orientation can be flexible in sitting either horizontally or vertically to accommodate various space environments.

The SHM-165P6SX DVD rewriter provides high speed DVD+R DL & DVD-R DL burning capabilities, doubling the speed of previous models and helping users increase their digital workflow and reduce time archiving important documents, photographs, graphics and other large files.  Users can now copy and store up to 8.5GB of information on a single disc quickly and easily.

The SHM-165P6SX is able to rewrite certified DVD-RAM media at 5X maximum, write DVD+R DL media at 8X & DVD-R DL media at 4X maximum, write single layer DVD+R & DVD-R at 16X maximum, and read DVD-ROM media at 16X maximum.

For full coverage of the review, please visit http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,123930-page,1-c,dvddrivesmedia/article.html.

For additional information, please contact your authorized Lite-On Distributor, Reseller or Retailer or visit www.liteonit.com.