LITE-ON Blu-ray Disc (BD) Triple Writer LH-2B1S

PRESS RELEASE - February 14, 2007

LITE-ON Blu-ray Disc (BD) Triple Writer LH-2B1S
-- Received the prestigious "Safe Buy Award" from cdreaks.com--


Fremont, CA. – January, 2007 – Lite-On IT, the world’s leading manufacturer of optical storage solutions, received a “Safe Buy Award” for its new LH-2B1S 2X Blu-ray Disc Triple Writer from CDfreaks.com. CDfreaks.com is a leading technology website known as the premier online source for daily news, reviews and background information on digital storage products. The popular technology website sited “the Lite-On LH-2B1S is overall a very good choice of a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive”.

“The device seems to operate very well and also the write quality on the supported media types is very good”, the reviewer says at CD Freaks.com. “There is almost nothing negative to say about this drive.”

The LH-2B1S 2X Blu-ray Disc Triple Writer can store up to 25GB of data on a single-layer BD disc, equivalent to 2.5 hours High-Definition (HD) video or 12 hours of standard definition content on a single disc. It is capable of recording and playing back today’s most popular media formats including Blu-ray, DVD, and CD. The drive features a 2X read and write speed on BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE media, and supports DVD±R media at 12X. LH-2B1S writes DVD±R DL (Double Layer) media at 4X, rewrites DVD+RW media at 8X, DVD-RW media at 6X, and reads DVD-ROM media at 12X. The LH-2B1S also features Lite-On patented cutting edge technologies SMART-BURN for optimizing the quality of each burn with a minimum risk of failed burns, or creating “coasters”, and SMART-X for setting the optimum speed of operation.

The LH-2B1S 2X Blu-ray Disc Triple Writer incorporates Serial ATA interface which provides higher performance than previously possible with the Parallel ATA Interface. Serial ATA connection eliminates potential information and performance “bottlenecking” by currently offering a 150 MB/s information transfer rate and will provide significant headroom for future improvements.

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The LH-2B1S 2X Blu-ray Disc Triple Writer is currently available in major retail stores and e-commerce sites.

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